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Flight attendant says avoid spot on plane with ‘no clean air’ – never go ‘anywhere near!’

Written by Travel Adventures

“If you’re finding it hard to balance, there are usually handles that you can hold on to, but again, wipe them down first or cover them with loo roll. The same applies to touching the flush button,” she added.

In terms of the things passengers should do after being on a plane and especially after using the aircraft bathroom, is to take a shower “straight after your flight”.

“Because of the poor air circulation on a plane (especially in the loos) as well as the number of surfaces that can harbor a lot of germs, you could leave your flight with dirty hands, hair and clothes. As soon as you arrive at your destination, put your clothes in the wash and have a good scrub.

“I always used to shower straight after work and sometimes the water would turn brown!” she revealed.


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