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A Local Grassroots Effort to Help Ukrainian Military

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As the war rages on in Ukraine with Russia, one woman is starting a grassroots effort to try an help her homeland.She is sending military supplies to the Ukrainian military by reselling war memorabilia in the US on eBay and using the proceeds to buy first aid kits, knee pads and drones to the Ukrainian military.Dasha Korniienko was one of the organizers at the Polish – Ukrainian Rally held on the steps of Las Vegas City Hall. Draped in her motherland’s flag, embroidered with signatures of fallen soldiers, Korniienko is a Ukrainian Native, studying in Las Vegas. But her time in Kyiv, the place she calls home, she spent countless years volunteering in the Ukrainian army, working the frontlines delivering supplies, food and clothes to the troops.Now 6,000 miles away from the Ukraine, Sasha is still volunteering her time this time receiving items from her friends back at home and selling them on eBay to use the proceeds to buy supplies for soldiers fighting the frontlines in Ukraine.

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