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Get Ready For A Fun Crash Course In Thai!

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Planning to visit Thailand soon? Here are some useful phrases that you might want to learn or that you might come across on your vacation. Knowing the basics will definitely make you feel one with Thai culture as well as make your trip more memorable.

Let the learning begin!

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1. You are at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, a crowded shopping area in Thailand and you accidentally spill some juice in a shop. What would you say to the shopkeeper?

2. You are really hungry after shopping and want to try out a delicious fish meal. The waiter recommends the restaurant's best spicy fish on the menu ‘Gaeng Tai Pla’. But you like sour food. What should you specifically mention to the waiter if you want him to recommend something sour?

3. After your wonderful meal you realize that you want some more water as one glass was not enough. What do people call water in Thai?

4. Guess what- Your entire travel group receives free desserts. And you want to pay compliments to the chef as you all enjoy it. But you would rather express how tasty the dessert was, than say the usual thank you. The chef arrives at your table. What do you say?

5. You meet a little Thai girl on your way to Chiang Mai. She seems quite fascinated by the way you are talking to your friends. You think it would be nice to break the ice by knowing her name.. How do you ask for her name?

6. You pass by a mesmerizing temple. The architecture is just splendid! What will you say to express that the temple is beautiful?

7. You reach Chiang Mai but the driver can’t seem to find the Elephant Park out there. But you know the directions. What will you say to make the driver take a left?

8. You are about to order a cup of coffee, but you prefer no sugar. Since sugar is to Thailand, what salt is to the western world, you want to be extra sure that your coffee is devoid of sugar. What should you say if you want to skip the sugar in your coffee?

9. You wish to travel to a beach nearby via the traditional Tuk Tuk in Thailand to see the sunrise. But you end up reaching the spot a little late. The Tuk Tuk man apologizes. In acceptance of his apology, what do you say?

10. You wish to catch up with your new Thai friends tomorrow at the beach. What will you say to them?



You can try memorizing these words by practicing them everyday with your friends and family. Sure, you’ll make some mistakes and get some funny looks, but it’s all part of the fun.

Enjoy your vacation in Thailand. Happy learning!

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